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New BRIDGE Energy Group Survey Shows Utility Companies Exhibit Overconfidence Within Their Security Posture

March 9, 2017
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BRIDGE Energy Group recently announced the results from their 2017 BRIDGE Index Utility Industry Survey on Grid Security. This year's survey results, reaching over 20,000 utility employees, show a low percentage of major security projects being implemented, indicating that utilities seemingly have a false belief that a Ukraine-like security breach can't happen in the U.S.

"A major grid breach in the U.S. is imminent," said Richard Jones, VP of Grid Security at BRIDGE Energy Group. "The lack of integrated, real-time security data resulting in missing operational vulnerabilities will continue to slow any incident response time. We are also concerned to find that observed organizational challenges identified in our 2016 Security Survey -- that needed to be addressed -- continue to persist. Left unaddressed, these security issues will continue to increase response times for operational failures and grid attacks."

In addition, the 2017 BRIDGE Index Utility Industry Survey on Grid Security reveals:

  • Less than 30% use dashboard or geospatial visualizations for reporting security or compliance metrics.
  • 76% have not yet fully integrated their real-time security and operations data.
  • Only 25% of utilities have developed a unified chain of command for primary operations security.

"Fortunately, the U.S. public has yet to experience direct service impact from a utility cyber-attack," said Richard Jones, VP of Grid Security at BRIDGE Energy Group. "As we begin 2017, utilities still have the opportunity to develop their own focused programs targeted at securing their unique operations without regulatory mandate."

Complete survey results may be obtained by contacting,

Source: BRIDGE Energy Group

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